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Marine Catalytic Converters

The challenge of emission reduction in marine propulsion systems has in some cases been addressed in a manner of reluctant adherence to imposed government and trade standards.  To curb nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and particulate emissions, recreational boat manufacturers are applying readily available automotive catalytic converters.  These systems are highly effective in controlled emission tests, a testament to the well-established catalyst compound applied to the substrate surface.  The most common substrate in automotive catalytic converters is a ceramic comb.  These ceramic catalyst blocks can become fragile and their lifespan in marine applications has proven short.  Faced with the high cost of replacing a failed catalytic converter, operators of recreation boats equipped with poorly designed emission reduction systems may choose to remove them altogether for a cheaper repair bill and an possible increase in performance.

If a manufacturer of recreational boats claims a reduction of harmful emissions from their products, it must be acheived in a manner that will be effective over the entire products lifespan.  If a catalytic converter is employed, it must be robust to withstand the shocks sustained in a high-speed boat.

Feller engineering has produced a patented all-metal catalytic converter for the recreational marine propulsion industry.  The catalyst substrate withstands extreme temperature and water immersion with excellent flow characteristics and even heat distribution.  Destruction testing proved impossible, with the catalyst substrate outlasting the engine in each test.  High reductions in emissions have been recorded with negligible loss of performance.

Feller metal catalyst substrate


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